Welcome! My name is Erica and my husband and I are trying to adopt. I do photography and we are trying to help defray some of the costs of adoption.
All of my photography will be done on a donation-only basis. Call me to set something up!


When booking a photographer the main cost is their time. I am willing to give your photo shoot my undivided attention. I will also be doing a lot of behind the scene editing. With these things in mind,

-Each photo session will be approximately one hour
-I will work on your photos and will have them to you within one week
-Although this is donation-only, I charge $5 for the cost of the CD and mailing the picture CD to you
-For one hour of pictures and the rights to the photos there is a suggested donation of $40
-If you don't like the pictures and do not donate, that's alright, I am looking forward to growing from this experience. If you don't like your pictures and would like to try again, I will offer one make-up session. Or if want to give a different amount, that's okay too!

Basically, I love photography and am excited for this new adventure and to help move forward with the adoption!

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